1,000 PlayBook Tablets, Recalled by RIM

Around 1,000 of its PlayBook tablet computers have been recalled by Research In Motion Ltd. for the reason that faulty operating software may cause users difficulty in setting up the gadget.

The Waterloo, Ontario, company, best recognized as the creator of BlackBerry smartphones said that it found out the had an effect on tablets were shipped with software “that may result in the devices unable to properly load software upon initial set-up.”

RIM said, just PlayBooks with 16 gigabytes of memory were involved and the best part of them had not yet been sold to clientele.

PlayBook tablet recalled by RIMIt is functioning to restore the involved tables, RIM said.  Consumers who finish up with a faulty tablet be able to contact the company for help, RIM added.

The problem was reported by the technology blog Engadget, which said the affected PlayBooks has been shipped to Staples Inc. stores.

photo credit: usatoday.com