24 Workers Trapped in a Coal Mine in China

Another tragedy caught China under its belt. This is the latest accident in the country’s infamous and dangerous coal industry.

There were 24 workers trapped in a flooded mine in Northeast China on Sunday. The said mine was located in Jixi city of Heilongjiang province at Saturday afternoon. A dispatch team was called to investigate the said accident by the State Work Safety Administration. The personnel who called the dispatch refused to be identified so as to keep the details safe for the meantime.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the trapped workers were reported one day after a blast was heard from the workers’ dormitory. The explosion was due to the explosives planted illegally on the area. An official of the Yangquan Coal Industry was seen planting the explosives and has been detained.

Prior to Sunday’s accident, there were 17 people who were killed in a blast at the northern city. The blast created a crater of 65 feet across and about 16 feet deep. And another seven people were seriously injured at the blast in Liugou mine in Linfen city in the northern province of Shanxi.

China has been creating and maintaining safety measurements for their developed mining industry. The country has been trying to improve these measurements, but still there are illegal mining companies which cause damage and killings to workers and civilians. The authorities are still investigating whether the mine was an illegal one, which only exists as a parasite to earn profit from China’s huge pail of mining industry.