3D Cameras for Mars Expedition from James Cameron

James Cameron, a Hollywood director who is assisting to construct in two high-resolution 3-D cameras for next Mars rover of NASA have been abandoned by the agency of the space.

Work on the gadgets was stopped since there wasn’t sufficient time to carefully test them before launch, NASA said.

The Oscar-winning director, James Cameron of 3-D blockbuster Avatar, previous year accessed Nasa to renew a preparation to provide rover inquisitiveness a enhanced put of eyes and worked with engineers to construct them.

However John Grotzinger, project scientist said present camera of Curiosity was authoritative enough to convene mission objectives.

Cameron said he’s self-assured upcoming missions will profit from the work he and others have spent, according to the report released by NASA.

3d camera James Cameron

Cameron said in a report released over the weekend, “While Curiosity won’t benefit from the 3-D motion imaging that the zooms enable, I’m certain that this technology will play an important role in future missions.”

Cameron, in combination with San Diego-based tech firm, Malin Space Science Systems, desired to connect a couple of 3D zoom-lens gadgets, to the rover, permitting the public,  wearing special 3-D glasses, to go after  progress of Curiosity.

The $2.5 billion rover is programmed to land on Mars in Auigust 2012 and start on shortly this year.

Curiosity will bring a series of meteorological gadgets that are able to check weather conditions, together with a laser that is able to sense the structure of the surface of the planet. It is programmed to go back to Earth in 2014 with a collection of soil and rock samples.

photo credit: empireonline.com