4G LTE coverage expanded on eight US cities, AT&T

Just in time for the release of the new iPhone of Apple, AT&T has added up eight new cities in USA to its 4G LTE network.

Generally, iPhone 5 is not the only smartphone or the gadget to feature LTE. The phones supporting LTE are getting into the market much easier and faster than what was expected. The launching of the new Apple device seemed to be the indicator for AT&T to get it to flip the markett.

The eight cities that were included in the LTE networking are Birmingham, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Seattle, Honolulu, Detroit, and Portland.

According to analysts, these eight new cities that will have LTE networks will surely give AT&T an edge especially that the iPhone 5 device is introduced.

The list of the cities with 4G LTE coverage isn’t considered as a bad list. Despite the fact that the carrier added several major metropolitan markets, it is still going to do more steps in lifting up if it wants to pull consumers from Verizon.