5% of the Windows Phone 7, Where Did They Go?

You most perhaps learned by now that Microsoft has ongoing pushing out a first Windows Phone 7 update, a requirement if you will for the forthcoming No Do to be out in March even if you are not a Windows Phone 7 user. You almost certainly also listened to that there were some issues concerned and Microsoft has made its posture public on the first ever Windows Phone 7 patch even out procedure.

90% of the people who really acquired the update announcement and started the procedure have managed to conclude it with victory, according to Microsoft. 90% is an excellent number if you refer to nine people out of ten, however on a much bigger scale, similar to the range of the 2 million mentioned as a number telling the Windows Phone 7s that shipped, the 10% breakdown rate symbolizes an alarming 200,000. For all that matters, “of the 10 percent who did experience a problem, nearly half failed for two basic reasons—a bad Internet connection or insufficient computer storage space”. Does that leave us with 100,000 bricks?

Windows Phone 7 update

We could third the numbers since there are presently many Windows Phone 7 users that didn’t get the notifications, to be more honest.  We get over the 66, 000 failures, of which 33, 000 are possible bricks.  Angry users have been flooding out to return devices and demand for warranty fix.  We still hope that Microsoft can be able to fix the issues, even more because it’s been rumored to stop the update of Samsung Windows Phone 7 gadgets to experience most problems, as confirmed by Microsoft.

A couple of key words appear on a side note, as referring to non-US devices: “Everyone with a Windows Phone 7 in a supported market will receive a notification when new updates become available.”  Does this mean we will look at some Windows Phone 7 fragmentation on devices outside the 17 countries where the Marketplace is active?

photo credit: ppcgeeks.com