$99 Kobo Touch Taking on the Tablet Competiton this Shopping Season

$99 Kobo TouchThere is one more $99 touch e-reader becoming a member of the tablet line this holiday shopping time of year. Kobo has introduced its $99 Kobo Touch along with Offers, which is the identical product as a normal $130 Kobo Touch, however the screen displays advertisements when it’s in sleep mode or switched off, plus just what the company strangely describes as “discreet places.”

The 6-inch e-reader will certainly be a direct rival to Amazon’s Kindle Touch along with Special deals and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch. The three are $99 e-ink touch units having 6-inch screens which display content material in 16 levels of grey. Sony also offers an e-ink item, the $130 Sony Reader Digital Book, as well as Amazon bears the $79 Kindle, which doesn’t include touch navigation.

Considering that the hardware can be so identical, customers might end up deciding on between the items according to their expertise in the information ecosystems. The Kindle advantages from its connection to Amazon’s huge collection of e-books. The Nook has got the Barnes & Noble name and library in the corner. Barnes & Noble is additionally expecting its new free, in-store customer support centers will appeal to gizmo enthusiasts accustomed to Apple’s Genius Bar.

Kobo, on the other hand, is not as well-known brand within the U.S., though it has deals with huge book stores in Canada and Europe. Just a week ago, the Canada-based e-reader producer was purchased for $315 million in cash by Rakuten, the biggest internet shopping mall owner in Japan, which might assist the reader become a worldwide hit. For this season’s e-reader competitions within the U.S., it is still an underdog.

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