A bug fix for IE released by Microsoft

Microsoft has released a fix for an Internet Explorer bug temporarily.

There have been a lot of hackers who installed Poison Ivy trojan on computers and this kind of malware can take remote control over the user’s computer or steal pertinent data from the owner og the PC.

According to Microsoft, they have invented a Fix It tool that will help protect the computers immediately, but emphasized that it is not aimed at replacing any security update. The Microsoft Fix It tool is an easy, one click solution for a lot of bugs experienced by PC owners.

The temporary software fix was initiated due to an extremely limited number of attacks by the said malware. Moreover, before releasing the fix, Microsoft has recommended owners to workarounds suchs as downloading Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit and disabling Active Scripting and Active X controls. Another fix suggestion is to change the security-zone settings on the browser and put it as “high” and run Internet Explorer in a restricted mode to avoid such malware issue.

According to the security company Symantec, there are only eight spotted attacks of such bug in 2011, noting that their novelty made it more dangerous.

The malware or “flaw” as Microsoft takes it, can attack all versions of Internet Explorer excluding IE 10.