A Much Thinner iPhone Due to Elimination of Touch-Screen Panels

As the rumors for the iPhone gets bigger, so as the features that it will come with. Today, some sources reported that the latest iPhone from Apple or iPhone 5 will have a screen that combines the touch to the LCD not requiring a touch-screen layer anymore. As a result, a much thinner iPhone and maybe crispier, clearer display.

As the battle between the smartphone giant, Samsung, and Apple gets intensifying, it seems that the Cupertino, California-based company has something to show. A thin iPhone could be the biggest threat of Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

We have read a news that companies that are manufacturing displays are now mass producing these panels for the next iPhone. Sharp, Japan Display, and LG are the companies mentioned in the news according to the people knowledgeable about the matter.

The elimination of the touch-screen panel could reduce the thickness of the phone by a half millimeter, and this will result to a much improved quality of the displayed images, texts, and colors.

This could be a good news because this will mean a cheaper iPhone as Apple will not buy touch-screen panels anymore.

While this technology mean many benefits, the only problem now is that it will be harder to manufacture, time consuming and challenging.

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  1. Born27
    July 25, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    Well, this is good news to all the consumers who cannot afford that much to buy iPhone. And I’m glad to hear that they will eliminate the touch screen panels.

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