About.me is Now a Property of AOL After Official Launch

Splash-page set up About.me has been obtained by AOL for a secret total. The company went from furtiveness project to obtained establish in just a year’s time.

About.me gives consumers with tools to make multicolored profile pages that attach to and attract satisfied from their social media locations, greatly like rival Flavors.me. The startup started letting consumers set aside their names and pages in September and merely formally opened its doors on December 16. However, About.me is now an AOL property.

Tony Conrad, Co-founder, serial capitalist and shareholder has a continuing supportive connection with AOL. Conrad sold his prior company Sphere to AOL for an anticipated $25 million. AOL Ventures also contributed in About.me’s $425,000 angel round of financing, in 2008.

About.me AOL

Conrad of AOL’s interest in his young company writes that, “About.me turns out to be a significant part of their plan to arrive at across and connect the web.  “We believe it’s an enormous benefit to turn out to be part of a set of communication (AIM AOL Mail) and community-driven (Patch, Seed) services. This is truthfully a win-win for our consumers, investors, group and AOL.”

Conrad and group will connect the Consumer Applications Group guided by Brad Garlinghouse. From the sound of it, the About.me service will stay together in AOL.