Acer Founder Consider Ultrabooks and Tablets are Short-Term Trends

acer-founder-stan-shihAcer Founder Stan Shih has declared that ultrabooks and tablets are both short-term fads.  At the same time, he has urged companies in the notebook supply chain to innovate further and make products with more value, according to the statement of DigiTimes.

Shih specifically referred to Apple’s victory with the iPad, saying that all notebook players must know from Cupertino’s outside-the box thinking.  He as well noted that tablets are just extensions of the original PC, and all further innovation will have to again start from the PC.

Acer is trying to weaken its competitors as in other market sections. Shih believes that customers want products with less price and convenience, and each player will need to face such pressures in the tablet arena. The Acer Iconia Tab A500 starts at $450, while the Acer Iconia Tab A100 begins at $350.

Both of these kinds of PCs are actually nothing new. They are expected to blow up because the price range for both of them is finally at a point where the average consumer can justify it. Computer parts have finally reached a point where they are both powerful and small enough that ultrabooks and tablets can be acquired below the $500 price point, and as we know, that is one of the sweet spots of the PC industry.