Acer Iconia Tab A510

As Apple’s iPad being at the top of the tablets, others who are trying to compete will likely be compared and will surely receive a handful of criticisms. It’s like iPad is setting the standards to all of the emerging competitors. But even with the tight competition, Acer is still getting in the line and as expected, a handful of negative thoughts.

The Iconia Tab A510 of Acer, running on Andriod OS, doesn’t give you enough with $499.99. As the tech market, tablets in particular, is getting incredibly competitive: Every competitor must deliver their tabs with design and style, apps, and price to the consumers. The Iconia tab, having a quad-core processor and running on Andriod 4.0 platform, is defeated by its competitors in almost every aspect. According to a review that we have gathered in the internet, here’s why…

In terms of design, consumers may somehow look at the physical appearance or how the tab looks. For anyone who is accustomed to the smooth metallic sides of any tablets say for example Toshiba or Asus tabs, the Iconia Tab will be a disappointment. As for the weight and size, it weighs 23.5 ounces and measures up to 6.9×10.2×4 inches, somewhat a bit heavier and thicker than the other competitors. Asus Transformer TF300 for instance, its a bit lighter at 22.2 ounces and thinner at .38 inches with its price of $399.

Acer Iconia Tab A510However it is not the size and style that’s the main concern here. Acer utilizes a plenty of plastic and lesser metal in its casing, resulting in a somewhat cheap feel. The textured plastic backing is sensible, but doesn’t show a high quality feel, even if compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or other tablets.

The Iconia comes with a microUSB jack, it also has an adapter for a full-sized USB port. External keyboard is supported, as well as flash drive as long it is formatted as FAT32. That’s a pretty cool feature though which the iPad doesn’t have. Playing videos, music, or maybe opening or transferring documents is possible, but other tabs also has this feature. Other things like rotation lock, built-in speakers, and mic is of course present.

In screen resolution, the Iconia has a 1280×800 pixel LCD panel, not a surprise as this is the standard resolution for every 10-inches tabs. Competitors are looking forward for the 1920×1200 screens though just to compete with the New iPad with 2048×1536 resolution.