Additional Cell Phone and Broadband Services in Merging of Two Companies

t-mobile and at&tSomerset County of Pennsylvania has a chance for enhanced cell phone and broadband service during a union of two companies.

President of Mid-Atlantic States for AT&T, J. Michael Schweder informed that the next four to six years, if the acquirement of T-Mobile is accepted, AT&T must be capable to develop its network to arrive 97% of the population.

The plans to get T-Mobile were announced by AT&T in March, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom, a German company, for $39 billion.  Schweder clarified that T-Mobile determined to no longer invest in the American market.

He said, “This is an American company buying the resources of a foreign company.  The deal is not driven by government. This will all be privately funded.”

AT&T would obtain licenses of T-Mobile to use spectrum, or wireless capability if the unification is accepted.  AT&T can utilize the joined spectrum to increase its individual service, lessening the quantity of dead spots.

The merger is not full.  Both the Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department have to support the acquisition.

Somerset Country is deficient in having broadband and cell phone services to gather the desires of rural students and home-based businesses.

It is good news that private businesses understand the market potential in rural areas without needing government motivation funds. The merely awful news is that it will get at least four years to put into practice.

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  1. July 18, 2011 at 9:46 am

    The reason for the question is that since my hubby deals with the phone and broadband services (which are with BT), is that I want to get a better television service (we don’t get good reception with Freeview), but just want the TV packages alone.

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