Afghan War Record is Similar to Pentagon Papers

Former US military analyst, Daniel Ellsberg, described the revelation of the records of the Afghan war as like the revelation of the “Pentagon Papers” in 1971. The leakage of the Pentagon records had revealed how the people of America were deceived about the Vietnam War.

Ellsberg said that there is an “outrageous escalation of the war.”

“Look at these cables and see if they give anybody the occasion to say the answer is the ‘resources’,” he furthermore explained. In addition, he said that the Taliban is now stronger because “we are recruiting for them.”

According to Ellsberg, the top secret papers which speak about policies are soon to be revealed. With this, these papers will affect and influence the opinions of the US and UK governments. As soon as the public get a hold and read the secret records, they will start to question where their taxes go. This will greatly affect the public, especially their opinions about the issues.