AFP Captured Matthew Flannery; Claiming to be LulzSec Leader

The Australian police force have arrested the self-proclaimed leader of the most notorious hacking group in the world, LulzSec, in Sydney yesterday.

The hacking leader is Matthew Flannery, that uses the name Aush0k in the internet, 24 years of age and lives in Gosford suburb of Point Clare. An IT professional and works in an international IT company.

According to the authorities, Flannery has access to the client’s information that works in the government because he has a good position in the company where he is working.

The police have started their investigations weeks ago and found out that one of the government-owned website has been hijacked.

Flannery was then charged with one count of unauthorized access to restricted computer system and two counts of unauthorized data modification that resulted to impairment.

He will be sent to jail for 12 years maximum.

According to the Glen McEwen, AFP Commander, Aush0k is known by the international law enforcement. Authorities also alleged that Flannery’s position of trust in the IT company where he is working allows him to gain access to clients especially to those who are working in the government.

Commander McEwen also said that Flannery did not deny the claims of being the in-charge of the hacking group.

self-proclaimed lulzsec leader