Airports Now Have a Less Revealing Body Scanner

Centralized aviation executives are giving it one more attempt. This time, they do not seem as intimately beneath travelers’ clothes.

A new more modest body scanning system at three airports started testing by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  They wish it will alleviate critics’ worry that the almost 500 full-body scanners at 78 airports make known too much.

John Pistole, TSA administrator said, “We believe it speaks to the confidentiality issues that have been hoisted.”

The scheme does not engage latest machines, however innovative software.

The software rejects the X-ray-style image that discovered the shapes of the body of the travelers, the one that left several people uncomfortable at the thought of screeners being capable to make out them with the uneven outlines of their undergarments.

full-body scanners

Currently, there is a generic image, similar to the outline of a body at an offense scene. This is how it works:

Travelers bypass all the way through the scanner. When they walk out they observe a computer monitor that be able to show a big green “OK” and they go on.

The outline of a body comes out and a box marks the place of the object if they have something in their pockets or on their body. The box would come out over the hips and would activate a pat-down search with a wallet in a front pocket.

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, one of the test locations, TSA workers went through a scanner with the innovative software in a demonstration.

The scanner lifted up objects in the pockets of the people. A search afterward demonstrated wallets or cell phones. Those carrying not anything moved throughout the scanner in instants.

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