Alexa Ray Joel Appearing on the Howard Stern Show

Alexa Ray Joel was the guest artist on the Howard Stern Show.  This singer/songwriter is the daughter of the famous music artist Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley. Besides singing and writing songs, this lovely girl also knows how to play the piano.

The Howard Stern Show is an American talk radio show hosted by Howard Stern. According to insiders, Joel discussed how she came about writing her new single “Notice Me.” Her new single was co-written by Cass Dillon, whose first single was written by Alexa’s father Billy joel.

This controversial music icon admits that she has been through a lot of life struggles. But she never tried to commit suicide as what the rumors say.  This came about when she was brought to the hospital due to over dosage of aspirin. She explains that the incident was a result of a very painful breakup with his boyfriend. She furthermore clarifies that she’d do anything just to let the pain go away.

“Notice Me” is part of her album “All I Can Do” which somehow shows the struggles she has been through over the past few years of her life. On the interview of Stern, Joel discloses that she has already moved on with that heartbreak.