All These Plans from Facebook

FacebookThere had been reports about the debate over Facebook’s valuation, indicating that several analysts anticipate the company will be valued at $100 billion if it goes public in the following year.

A significant but frequently-overlooked portion of the argument:  Most of Facebook’s users are outside the U.S. and that comes out to be where the development of the social network is also.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said that the social network was at 750 million active users.  With the quantity of active users in the U.S. suspended at 150 million, which means that 80% of the users are outside the country.

The people at Facebook recognize this, and they are more and more directing efforts to international development, for instance with a mobile app released named Facebook for Every Phone.

Created to work on some Java-enabled phone, over 2,500 different phones according to the official pronouncement, the app plans to improve the experience for people with older or less influential cell phones and costly data plans.  That is only the kind of mobile user found usually in increasing countries, where some people have avoided PCs and used primarily cell phones to connect online.

Emphasizing the reasons after Facebook for Every Phone, the company alleged that it has signed contracts with 20 different carriers to give free data access to customers utilizing the app for the first 90 days of its accessibility.   The carriers involved service the U.K. and Germany, countries where Facebook usage, while high, is still illustrating double-digit development.

In the mean time, the United States by means of 48.95% Facebook penetration has revealed indications of decreasing.

The mobile app, which permits for well known Facebook features like News Feed and Photos, was planned to be less data intensive, remaining prices lesser for mobile phone customers, according to the blog “Inside Facebook” reports.  The blog as well mentions that the app was completed probably by acquirement of Facebook of Israel-based Snaptu in March.

The app as well can permit Facebook to develop to additional users.  Users could trade in their phone contacts into Friend Finder of Facebook, permitting the social network to recommend friends and on time proprietors to send invites to people not yet a part of Facebook.

It could be simple to disregard the newest pronouncement of Facebook for the reason that it overlooks the power-user with the kitted-out smartphone and a 1GB data plan.  However, as ReadWriteWeb reminded its readers, a “principal of business is go where the people are.  When it comes to world wide mobile use, feature phones are where the people are.”

Do you believe that 750 million is several people? We shortly can be getting 1 billion if hard works similar to this be successful.