Alternative Ways to Wave

After the so-called death of Google Wave, users are now asking where to turn next for web-based collaborative software?

It is undeniable that people were so hyped and excited with Wave that they never anticipated its end just this week. It quite failed in attracting the adoption Google hoped for.

However, there are some alternative ways so that you can somehow “feel” the experience of Wave.

Google Apps. Using the apps won’t confuse the user, considering that each app is focused on its functions. Many users went back to using the apps when they found out that Wave is somehow “confusing and cut off from the rest of Google’s products.

EtherPad. This is AppJet’s leading product which allows the user to have pure joy in acquiring it. It is a lighter version of Wave and features an “easy-to-use document editor, history playback, and accompanying chat.”

Shareflow. This is considered as the closest equivalent to Wave. It has “great email integration.” Its purpose is intended to “reduce your email burden by drawing documents and conversations fluidly into a single page that can be simultaneously edited in real time.”

Wizehive. The purpose of this is to make the user’s life easier in organizing notes, files and tasks “with a simple to use web-based interface.”

SAP Streamwork. This is a collaborative decision-making tool which is worth exploring at. This is good for bringing together people in your organization “with information for fact-based decision-making and interactive business tools.” This is for the collection of strategies and brainstorming of ideas to come up with an efficient decision.

Yammer. This is one of the Twitter-like application we are experiencing today.

Socialcast.  This is focused and more suitable on “richer activity streams” compared to the simple “Twitter-style microblogging.”

Braintrust.  This is a good tool for collaborating ideas through virtual brainstorming.

Though these alternatives may not be as the same as the Wave, they are easier to use having a focused function for each tool.