Amazon Kindle DX Competes with Apple’s iPad

Apple’s iPad is truly a hard competitor. But for e-book readers, Amazon’s Kindle DX can be just enough.

Kindle DX is appropriate for those who prefer more spacious pages like that of a magazine or newspaper. The Kindle DX was launched in the summer of 2009, and today, it is supersized having 9.7-inch E-ink screen.

Apple’s release of the iPad had somehow threatened the sales of the Amzon’s Kindle DX. It also had decreased the popularity ratings of Kindle DX with regard to its sales. The iPad persuaded the public and converted their attention in buying Apple’s iPad instead of the Kindle DX. But after a few months during Apple’s release, Amazon presented its own tablet having lower price of $379. The Amazon tablet has improved having a new graphite finish and a screen that offers higher contrast and darker fonts. The 3G wireless connection from AT&T, which is integrated for free, is still part of the DX’s features.

One feature of Kindle DX includes an internal memory of 4GB. This is not expandable though, but the memory is just enough to store a number of 3,500 e-books. Aside from e-books, Kindle can also store images, PDFs, MP3 audio and audible audio books.

Though it is basically for e-book readers, users can also choose to download Kindle software apps. Amazon sees to it that they are not left behind with other technologies. It offers its own library with at most 2 million free e-books, public domain titles, and works of Mark Twain, Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, and Jane Austen among others.

The user, aside from downloading e-books, can also download copies of newspapers and magazines. These are all being sent free with the wireless connectivity with AT&T.

Another feature of Kindle is the built-in QWERTY keyboard which serves as a device for searching and notation. Not like other tablets, Kindle’s navigation is achieved through the use of thumb stick, having the page forward and back, menu, back and home buttons alongside the screen’s right border.

The change in Amazon’s Kindle DX did a great impact to the public. The lowering of its price amount and the improvement of its features make it more relevant for the public to purchase it.