Amazon Launches its New Kindle Fire

kindle-fireWith the new developments added to the popular Kindle, they believe that what had been usually pointed out that there isn’t really a tablet market but just an Apple iPad market having competitors fighting over the remnants is more likely about to change.

The new $199 device named Kindle Fire introducing a multifunction color tablet to the popular Kindle amounts to less than half  as much as an iPad 2.

Amazon did not just add color to the Kindle, Kindle Fire adds a strong capability to store and stream music, TV shows and movies. The Fire also offers about 8,500 applications at launch which includes Netflix, Angry Birds and QuickOffice. However it has a weaker ability to store and display color photos.

To be clear, Kindle Fire is much less capable and versatile than the $499 iPad2 has to offer. But the Fire has some ups for it. Apart from the $199 price, its seven-inch screen which is about less than half the surface area of the iPad is a plus, much as its popularity among the e-readers and more, and Amazon is the only major tablet maker aside from Apple with large, famous, easy-to-use content ecosystem that sells music, video, books, and etc.