Amazon Tablet Get Ready for the Release

Amazon TabletOver the past few months, the rumors about the Amazon Tablet has been running and getting people excited. Amazon, which is the only company that might reach and directly compete in the market with iPad – currently dominates the tablet PC market abroad and the US.

Today, evidences of the said Tablet by Amazon have been released. According to MG Siegler at TechCrunch, he has not only seen the Tablet of Amazon but he also played with the actual thing. He said on a post that, “The device is a 7-inch tablet with a capacitive touch screen. It is multi-touch, but from what I saw, I believe the reports that it relies on a two-finger multi-touch (instead of 10-finger, like the iPad uses) are accurate…”

He also claimed that the Tablet of Amazon won’t be called in that name – Amazon Tablet, but it will probably be called “Amazon Kindle”, which allows the company to position their tablet as a the heir of the original Amazon Kindle. But, this is much different from the original one, Siegler said, “There is no e-ink to be found anywhere on this device…” He also noted that the price will start at $250 which will be a good surprise for the price conscious consumers.

Release date

The release date is said to be on November.

Siegler said on the post, “Originally, Amazon had planned to launch a 7-inch and a 10-inch tablet at the same time,” he also added, “But that plan changed this summer. Now they’re betting everything on the 7-inch. If it’s a hit, they will release the more expensive 10-inch tablet in Q1 2012.”