AMC Board Officials are to be Equipped with Digital Cams and Blackberry Phones

The senior officials of school board from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) will currently be equipped with digital cameras and a high finish model of Blackberry mobile phones from school board administrative officer. Whereas, over 200 computers destined for school children are unexploited for previous two months.

Lately, these suggestions were clarified by Manu Raval, school chairman, who explained that the digital cameras will lessen the spending acquired by the panel on photography done by private parties.

“The five digital cameras will be handed over to every associate administrative officer for capturing pictures on their own instead of hiring private photographers.” Raval says.

Blackberry Phones

He added that “We include a quantity of cultural, sports and educational activities performed in the schools which should necessarily be documented for official purposes.”

On the other hand, administrative officer, school board will currently be able to blaze the Rs 16,000 Blackberry handset for official reasons. Raval speaks, “Blackberry has been known to class I officer as he has to stay a tab on emails from government and other organizations.”

On the school panel concerns, opposition members of Congress party staged a leave in protest of suspected dishonesty in school panel behavior. The Opposition members responsible the school panel establishment of not doing much for civilizing the normal of education in the municipal schools.

Under AMC, there are 471 municipal schools, Habib Mev of School board speaks, “Previously, the school panel released more than 400 computers and at present 200 computers intended for school children are until now to be fixed. They speak concerning use of technology for their individual personal makes use of sooner than for the greatly deprived students.”

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  1. Joette Uriostejue
    March 11, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    While the Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Office for Information Security did purchase a number of Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets, the ageing Galaxy SII rounded out the order. Not everyone who’s getting a new handset needs a powerhouse like the S3, of course, but it’s a shame that BlackBerry only has one current device it can offer up to corporate and government customers right now. If they had a mid-range device that ran an OS that actually has a future, who knows? Maybe they could have bagged the entire deal.:

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