AMD Hires Raja Koduri Again from Apple

AMD seems to be developing something big in their next project as they are hiring Raja Koduri again from Apple.

Koduri was hired by the processor company four years ago after Apple hired the graphics engineer from AMD. With Jim Keller’s return to AMD in August 2012, Raja Koduri is the second GPU engineer that AMD is hiring again from the Cupertino, California-based company.

Raja Koduri is the Chief Technology Officer of the Graphics Product Group of AMD. He worked with the processor firm when AMD acquired the graphics company ATI.

Apple hired away Mr. Koduri from AMD in April 2009. In his time with Apple, he had a great contribution in the success with the company’s GPU in the iOS devices.

With his return in AMD, he will be the Corporate Vice President of Visual Computing according to Anandtech. He will be handling the hardware and software business of AMD’s GPU.

In an interview with Mr. Koduri, he said “I always had the dream of building a Pixar like company in India and I got an opportunity to engage with a group of people who have the same mission.”

“AMD allowed me to stay engaged on this endeavor and that’s one of the reasons I chose AMD.” he added.

Raja Koduri