Android Surpasses Apple iOS and Blackberry OS

Both Apple’s iOS and RIM’s Blackberry OS has been surpassed by Android in becoming the number one smartphone used in the US, as the latest survey from Nielsen shows.

A report about smartphone platform and maker penetration in the US market was brought out by Nielsen.  It shows that from November 2010 and January 2011, Google’s Android platform went to have 29% of the US smartphone market.  It topped over Apple’s iOS and RIM’s Blackberry OS that holds 27% in the market.

“An analysis by manufacturer shows RIM and Apple to be the winners compared to other device makers since they are the only ones creating and selling smartphones with their respective operating systems,” Nielsen reported.

Android OS

Microsoft’s platforms went into fourth place, having 10% of the market in running Windows Phone 7 or Windows Mobile 5.x/6.x. HP’s webOS is in the fifth position with 4% and 2% for Nokia’s Symbian platform.

Despite the fact that Android is in the highest rank now, Apple and RIM still have the advantage because they make their own software and hardware.

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