Angry Birds, iPhone 4 and with Others are Placed in Guinness World Records

According to Guinness World Records, the Angry Birds, iPhone 4, Apple app store, Tapulous and more have all broken world records.

It was just a moment of time prior Guinness World Records recognized several of the fastest, largest, greatest things experiencing in the world of technology and gaming.  The well known record recorder announced Apple’s app store as “one of the most revolutionary gaming platforms in history that has become a serious challenger in gaming records.”

Guiness World Records Gaming Editor, Gaz Deaves said on the subject of  well known smartphone of Apple:  “The release of the iPhone has not just changed the mobile industry, but the video game world too.” He continued: “With the never-ending App Store selection and an intuitive device,Apple has created a gigantic new space for itself in the casual games genre that literally brings entertainment to users wherever they may be.”

The iPhone 4 had 1.5 million units’ sales for the first day on June 24, 2010 so this reasons it was recorded as the highest selling portable gaming system.  The report records the PSP as a contrast, which sold 200,000 on its launch in 2005, and in 2004 the Nintendo DS which moved 500,000 consoles.

App store of Apple is the most well known application marketplace.  App downloads have went beyond 6.5 billion in three years. The store hosted 259,470 apps for acquisition or free downloads as of September 2010. Around 50,000 have been stop of the entire apps ever accessible. Fascinatingly, the report notes that “of the apps currently available, 61 are flatulence simulators, a genre that includes such masterpieces as Fart Machine, Fart Ocarina and iFart – Epic Rip Edition.” We speculate if there’ll be a eliminated of comparable gaseous-based apps floating into the app store in the upcoming months, or if their popularity is easy a blaze in the pan(ts).

Apple Store in Guinness World RecordsWith 37,362 games being accessible as of September 2010, App store of Apple as well acquired the bob for biggest downloadable video game store.

Getting the list for highest paid-for app store game in most countries concerned, as you may be able to guess, several flying creatures that are not in any way happy.  The Guinness report said,  “Physics puzzler Angry Birds has been recognized as the top paid-for game in Apple’s App Store in a record 67 territories worldwide.”  The gripping  game has sold over 6.5 million copies from the opening in December 2009.

In February 2010, the highest selling iPhone/iPod technique game is PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies, with over 300,000 paid downloads in its first nine days of sales.  The game is the greatest-grossing technique game launch in the history of app store of Apple, carrying in $1 million for developer PopCap in small over a week.

Tap Tap Revenge for Tapulous, a strike with tappers throughout the world, was called the most well known iPhone game series.  It’s had an inspiring 15 million downloads from the first game in the series came out back  in July 2008.

Tap Tap Revenge from Tapulous, a hit with tappers the world over, was named the most popular iPhone game series. It’s had an impressive 15 million downloads since the first game in the series came out back in July 2008.

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