Angry Birds Can be Accessed on a PC for Free Through Intel’s AppUp Centre

Specified that it’s moved several 60 million copies on mobile gadgets, probability are you have transitory information of the gaming occurrence that is Angry Birds.

However, if you have not yet yielded to the physics-based habit routing through the veins of downloadable monster of Rovio, you might be speculating what all the commotion is about.

We have no doubt anymore for the reason that the goodly folk above at electronics retailer Currys are providing it away on PC, yes, providing it away by means of a restricted accessibility endorsement.


Therefore, if you are eager to open a selection of weaponised birds at hordes of thieving swine concealed in collapsible formations, all you should make is sign up to Currys’ AppUp Centre (powered by Intel), which gives one-stop shopping for software applications.

The promotional bid will stay open until March or until 15,000 copies have been downloaded, whichever comes first. Unhappily, the bid is simply open to UK inhabitants.

The whole is not mislaid, on the other hand, as Angry Birds be able to be grabbed for nada by anybody prepared with a mobile gadget powered by Google’s Android operating system.

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