Another Rumor Comes Out: Facebook Will End on March 15

The Weekly World News verified that it is true that Facebook is going to shutdown this coming March 15 even though they still continue refusing the rumors regarding the shutdown of Facebook.

J.B. Smitts, WWN’s ace reporter last January 9 ruined the worldwide story that Facebook was going to shut down on March 15 for the reason that March Zuckerberg desired to go back to an ordinary life.  The story caused a universal feeling and J.B. Smitts has been designated for a Pulitzer Prize for breaking it.

Sherlyl Sandberg, Facebook COO has openly denied the reports saying, “Facebook is not going to shut down.  Not now, not ever.  We are just getting started.”

The CFO of Facebook, David Ebersman and the man working with Goldman Sachs on the innovative Facebook financing deal said, “Several people sense that the transaction with Goldman Sachs will guide to an alter in Facebook or that we may close down so the government would not oblige us to go public.  The entire reports are bogus.  We are going to be stronger than ever later than March 15th.”

However WWN has talked to insiders at Facebook who powerfully disagree with the public declarations of the executive management group.

Basis within Facebook inform us that company is by now creating tactics on how to handle the huge close down.  “We can not presently turn it off on March 15th.  There will be a rebellion,” according to one insider.  “We have to get ready our users for the ending of Facebook and present those methods to stay their social networks active.”

Sherlyl Sandberg(photo via:

There are reports that Zuckerberg himself will come out on the Oscars on February 27th, when The Social Network is confident to win Best Picture of the Year Award.  Latest reports are that Zuckerberg will create “a significant declaration to the world” concerning the upcoming of Facebook.

For the meantime, there is fright throughout the world as Facebook users and addicts are scared that they might be unable to find their social networking group of people.  Top celebrities Tyra Banks, Mila Kunis, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Ashton Kutchter, Carrot Top, Meryl Streep, Danny Bonaduce and the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Atlanta all fear concerning misplacing Facebook.  “I’m addicted to Facebook,” said Tyra Banks. “Without it, my life is over!”

An online appeal was happening just hours before to assist convince Zuckerberg and Facebook to stay open.


Fritz Barnkopf, the manager of the “Please Do Not Shut Down Facebook Petition” said, “we anticipate to acquire a million or more signatures earlier than the Oscars, so Mark Zuckerberg will think again his disastrous decision.”

As of now, there are so many videos from frightened Facebook users concerning the close down.