Another Satellite will Fall Early November

Roentgen SatelliteA non-operating NASA satellite that crashed to the Earth last week created some rumors all over the world, but it is not the only spacecraft that is going to crash down to the Earth.

The decommissioned German X-Ray space observatory, ROSAT or Roentgen Satellite, will fall down to the Earth sometime in November, but there are no reports yet when or where exactly the pieces or debris from the satellite will crash, according to the authorities from the German Aerospace Center.

The spacecraft weighs 2.4 tons and orbits from the latitudes of 53 degrees north and south, this means that the satellite could possible fall down anywhere over a huge swath of the Earth – possible stretching from Canada to South America, according to the German Aerospace authorities.

According to the estimates from the German Aerospace officials, it suggests that 30 pieces of the falling satellite could survive the rough journey through the Earth’s atmosphere. They also estimated that all of these satellite components could weigh 1.6 tons.