Antennagate: Reason for Apple Executive’s Exit

Mark Papermaster, the Apple’s executive who is in charge of the iPhone engineering and its innovation, has currently had his resignation from the company. Issues have been raised that the “exit” of Papermaster was due to the antenna controversy the company has gone through.

The antenna, though an innovation to the phone, is prone to problems. In some articles of leading newspapers, the unlikely resignation of Papermaster was kind of related and connected to the antenna controversy.

In the Wall Street Journal, the headline says Apple Executive Exits After iPhone “Antennagate,” in New York Times, Executive Leaves After iPhone Trouble, and in the Registrar, Apple Hardware Exec Falls on Sword. The headlines seemed to be connecting the dots between the resignation of Papermaster with the iPhone 4 antenna controversy.

The reason that it is the antenna controversy that made Papermaster decided to resign was invalid. Why? The said “antennagate” was not clearly and never had been affirmed by Apple that it is a problem.

Apple has been telling, in every press conference they have, that the iPhone innovation has never had a problem. The company’s answer to the users is that they are just holding the phone the wrong way. They have been directing the users that they should get a case “to impede antenna interference.” This controversy was given attention when it became widespread to the media, and much attention when Papermaster resigned as the executive.

Apple announced that they will distribute free cases to iPhone 4 users who have experienced problems with their phone. This might be an issue altogether again, because it can be perceived as the company’s already guilty with the “antennagate.”

In a press conference, the company has demonstrated that every iPhone 4 is working well, of course with the antenna attached on it. They even explained that the company has “intentionally put the little line in the antenna at the bottom of the left corner of the iPhone 4 specifically to mark the position that users should not touch.”

If the controversy is not yet cleared, with regard to the comments of the users, then the issue of Papermaster’s resignation due to “antennagate” will make more sense.