Another Antitrust Complaint, Filed Against Google

French company 1plusV, which makes specific search engines for subjects for instance law and music, has filed a new antitrust grievance with the European Commission. The complaint declares that challenging search engines are necessary to utilize Google search technology if they would like to show Google advertisements on their locations, which get in the way rivalry.

1plusV is the company after the French legal Web location, which was one of the companies that filed first complaints not in favor of Google with the EC. Those complaints said that Google was unnaturally helping its individual locations in search results, and driving down competing search locations. In November, the Commission opened a formal investigation.


The company informed the Financial Times that was at one point obtaining over 1.5 million page views a month, and was measured to be extra pertinent than Google for French legal cases for the reason that it utilized a mixture of algorithmic and editorially chosen results.

According to the company, Google frequently de-listed Ejustice.from from its explore results, which essentially killed traffic to the location.

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