Apple “Assistant” Voice Control, Hidden in Latest iOS 5 Beta 5 Release

micThe new test release of the Apple’s next OS upgrade, iOS 5.0 beta 5, has been pushed out by the company to developers. Even though many of the features are by now known – having been proclaimed back at WWDC 2011 – the latest software comprises several well-hidden extras, like the well-rumored Nuance-powered speech recognition considered to be called Apple “Assistant”.

The full change log, shared by BGR, proposes that users can record multiple iCloud accounts to a single iOS 5 device, whereas wireless synchronization – which permits you to avoid plugging in via USB and in its place sync with iTunes over WiFi – is now enabled to Windows users together with Mac. There are also several bug-fixes and tweaks, with developers having stated issues from past betas, though plenty of places where Apple is still doing work before the official release later in the year.

The corporation has gone to great extents, as for Apple Assistant, to keep it from being spotted by prying eyes. A new microphone button has been added next to the spacebar, as shown by 9 to 5 Mac’s source, which when clicked prompts a larger microphone icon overlay. Apple’s attempts to cover up Assistant included codenaming the microphone button ‘forward delete key’ and the latest keyboard layout as a ‘Dvorak option’, according to MacRumors.

The functionality is also not yet active, maybe because Apple is yet to secure the last deal considered to be in cooperation with Nuance, and as such the server-side processing is unlikely to be prepared. Sources have suggested that Assistant support is just initially planned for the smaller iOS tools, iPhone and iPod touch, although iPad support is an option.