Apple Adds Face Detection API to iOS 5

ios-facerecogWhen Apple emphasized some of the new features to come with MacOS X Lion back during its WWDC 2011, one involved a demo illustrating face detection technology being used in the popular self-portrait app, Photo Booth.  Now, it looks that face detection technology will probably make its way to iOS 5, where it may be an integral portion to some new apps.

This kind of technology came to Apple after they bought the Swedish company, Polar Rose, which specialized in face detection algorithms.  Judging from a Polar Rose Recognizr app video demo, the technology does not only notice facial features, but has the potential to recognize individuals, making it very much a facial identification technology also.  This definitely would not sit well with much of privacy supporters.

The latest face recognition technology will probably usher in some resourceful latest apps, since Apple will be giving it as a public developer API.  Apple is not preparing to open some precise iOS 5 app of its individual to depend on face recognition, but as an alternative, desires to create the technology accessible to its developers for combining into a variety of apps.