Apple Agrees to Pay $53 Million to Settle Warranty Practices

Apple is reported to pay a settlement regarding warranty practices. The Cupertino, California-based company is said to agree with the class action suit and plans to pay a huge amount costing up to $53 million in total to owners of Apple devices such as iPod Touch and iPhones that Apple did not recognize under the 1-year protection plan.

Based on the report from Wired that acquired a copy of the said agreement with Apple, Noreen Krall, the Apple Counsel, signed the settlement and will proceed to the California federal court in the following weeks.

In the litigation, complainants claim that Apple refused to replace and repair their devices which were regarded to be broken or damaged as a result from water contact. For some that didn’t know, each apple device has an indicator for liquid contact placed at the end of the headphone jack. This indicator is white when it is dry but turns to pink or reddish color when getting in contact with water or any liquid substance.

Under the Apple protection policy, the product warranty could be voided due to damages caused by water but according to 3M, the manufacturer of liquid indicator, humidity could cause false positive results.

3m liquid indicator