Apple and Samsung Rivalry Continues in UK

samsung vs appleThursday – Apple said it filed a lawsuit against its rival Samsung in United Kingdom’s High Court earlier this week, as the two technology big players continue to fight for its legal rights involving their tablets and mobile phone products.

Apple did not release or expose any details regarding the lawsuit. Last June, the company, Samsung, filed a lawsuit against Apple in Chancery High Court, accusing apple of violating Samsung’s patented wireless technology inventions, according to the statement.

The Korea-based company also confirmed  that it had also filed  a lawsuit in a French court last July 8 alleging Apple of infringing their patent. The three patents Samsung has been complaining that Apple infringed covers 3G technology, the products iPhone, and 3G versions of iPad and iPad2, Samsung confirmed.

The rivalry between the two tech giants are engaged in legal battles around the world. Sept. 9, Apple gained the favor of winning the case to permanently ban the sales of Samsung Tablets in Germany. The Dusseldorf district court found that Galaxy tab 10.1 is very similar to Apple’s iPad 2.

Samsung was said to appeal the ruling. The company also said that the ruling was inconsistent with its previous ruling on Aug. 24, in which did not find the Samsung Galaxy tab were similar to Apple’s iPad products.