Apple and Samsung still top leaders in the mobile market

The top two tech giants are on the headlines again.

Apple has cut down screen orders for its newest iPhone 5 due to weaker sales compared to its previous models, while its biggest competition, Samsung has sold about a hundred million units of its Galaxy S device, a sign that the two may be changing their lucks in the mobile industry.

Apple has nearly ordered about half of its order of the liquid-crystal display panels from its major suppliers. According to a Japanese newspaper, the tech giant has told its suppliers LG Display, Japan Display, and Sharp that it will require fewer screens. This is after the recent request of as much as 65 million units for January to March.

One of the biggest iPhone supplier, Japan Display, is expected to lessen its output for a short period of time only betwen sevent and eighty percent.

The iPhone maker has been the dominating company in the smartphone market ever since the launch of iPhone in 2007. However, Samsung has grabbed a hold in latest years with the launch of its Galaxy S series in 2010.

In 2012, Samsung’s newest model Galaxy S III has helped the company to outstrip Apple in becoming the top selling smartphone maker in the world.

Galaxy S series’ sales have reached up to 100 million within almost three years, which is considered faster compared to Apple’s iPhone sales that took almost four years.

Both Samsung and Apple are benefiting from the mobile bang as consumers select tablets and smartphones compared to personal computers or traditional desktops.


Apple and Samsung still top leaders in the mobile market