Angry Birds Executive Predicts the Long-Term Domination of Apple

Apple will be the number one platform for developers extensively; calling the Android ecosystem chipped, according to an executive at Rovio Mobile, the developer of the best-selling iPhone game Angry Birds.

Angry Birds of Rovio Mobile iPhone game has turned out to be a worldwide trend since its release in December 2009. The game had a sluggish beginning, yet finally took off; getting 50 million downloads across platforms. Angry Birds has stayed at number one on Apple’s App Store “longer than anyone else,” according to Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio Mobile’s “Mighty Eagle”.  He confirmed that Apple has been the leading platform today.

The characters of the game have turned into so iconic that several Wall Street analysts have started utilizing the birds as a sign for the growing productivity of the mobile app market.

Angry Birds

When inquired how he sighted “the different mobile OSes in view to the outlook of mobile technology,” Vesterbacka responded, “Apple will be the number one platform for a long time from a developer viewpoint, they have gotten lots of things exactly. And they recognize what they are doing and they call the shots.”

Going on to Android, Vesterbacka affirmed that Android’s fragmentation troubles are not a gadget subject, but a bionetwork one.  He said, “Android is increasing, but it is as well increasing difficulty simultaneously. Gadget fragmentation is not the matter, but somewhat the fragmentation of the bionetwork.”

Through a lot of different shops, several different models and “the carriers messing with the knowledge once more,” Android is turning out to be disordered for Vesterbacka, who named it “open, but not actually open, an extremely Google centric bionetwork.”

Rovio asked for forgiveness for troubles with the discharge of Angry Birds on Android mobile OS of Google in November. The company said, “In spite of our hard work, we were ineffective in bringing best performance.”

Rovio released the Android edition of “Angry Birds” as a free ad-based app prior this year calls it “the Google way.”   “Paid satisfied just doesn’t work on Android,” according to Vesterbacka.

Throughout the dialogue, Vesterbacka decided with current remarks from Apple CEO Steve Jobs concerning improvement complexities on Android.   He said, “Steve is totally correct when he says that there are additional challenges for developers when functioning with Android.”

Developers will finally understand how to work in the Android ecosystem, but “no one else will be competent to construct what Apple has constructed; there just isn’t that type of market control out there,” according to Vesterbacka.