Apple Continues Final Cut Studio

Final Cut StudioSince Apple stopped selling its Final Cut Studio software, they faced a very strong criticisms and reactions from its users and decided to bring it back again. But, it will only be available in the internal store through telesales.

Inquiries about the availability of the said software resulted to various and confusing answers from Apple sales staff.

Some representatives said that the Final Cut Studio is not available while others said and confirmed that the said software is available over the phone only for $999. They also confirmed that the educational version of the Final Cut will not be available.

Apple announced last July that they are observing some legal issues regarding the sales of the former version of Final Cut Pro. During that time, Apple stopped selling Final Cut Studio.

It was June when the Final Cut Pro X was released by Apply in their Mac App Store. It was groundbreaking but consumers throw criticisms to the software for the missing features in and being not compatible with the Final Cut Pio 7. Some critics even called the software iMovie Pro due to its amateurish features. Users who complained about the software received refunds after telling Apple that the software is not useful with their production jobs.

Apple reported that they downgraded the Final Cut line before releasing the Final Cut Pro X. They thought professional customers would love but but unfortunately not.