Apple Expands Market for New iPad

Apple Inc. announced today that they will be expanding their market and will hit dozens of countries on Friday. This includes their main competitor native South Korea.

Together with South Korea, the new iPad is going to be for sale in Malaysia, Dominican Republic, Croatia, Guatemala, El Salvador, St Maarten, Brunei, Cyprus, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela.

And in the following week, it will also be available in Thailand, Latvia, India, Estonia, Montenegro, Lithuania, Colombia, Israel, and South Africa.

Apple’s new iPad is another successful product, it continues to dominate the tablet market in the high-end despite the minor upgrades like improved processor and a high definition or higher resolution screen. The 22 new market in the next 2 weeks will reinforce the company’s lead against its competitors like RIMs Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or tablets running on Android.

The upcoming iPhone, rumored as the iPhone 5, together with the new iPad is anticipated to boost the growth of the company even further.

On the other hand, Apple is including their competitor, Samsung Electronics, in their market inspite of their battles between a couple of patents as well as market with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line.

The costs for the new iPad stay the same:

US$829 for the 64GB 4G version (important notes from Apple stating 4G LTE is only available in North America).
US$499 for a Wi-Fi only 16GB version.