Apple Features New Screen of the Latest iPad

ipad 3When Apple releases the latest iPad on sale next week in the U.S. as well as some other countries, it will likely be “the new iPad” or maybe “the iPad” and¬† not “iPad HD” or “iPad 3” as what like most people speculated.

The latest iPad revealed Wednesday includes enhancements which may not be commonly noticeable to the casual observer or consumer. As expected, it has a sharper screen, powered by a faster processing chip as the brains of the latest machine though not sure if it will carry the iOS 6.0. The thing that was more stunning was that the latest features imply the tablet pc is going to be heavier and thicker than the old iPad 2, since it requires a much larger battery to power the screen with high-resolution.

Costs are not very far from the previous models. They are going to start at $499 and 3g models will cost $629 to $829.

Apple Inc. is maintaining the basic version of the iPad 2 being produced and decreasing the cost to $399. That might aid Apple gain back some market share from less costly tablet pcs like Amazon’s Kindle Fire costing $199. Samsung Electronics along with other tablet pc manufacturers have cut down their costs to under $500.

The battery life of the latest unit remains to be the same (10 hours of use). Apple claims the battery capability is up to 70% higher than the older versions, it could have maintained the existing screen and expanded the battery life up to 17 hours rather than improving the screen resolution.

Apple stated the latest retina display is going to be sharper compared to average HD television set. In a hands-on by an AP reporter, text displayed on the screen was visibly sharper. The latest screen must be able to display all the fine detail in HD movies, in which the the old iPad 2 does not.

“We are taking it to a whole new level and are redefining the category that Apple created with the original iPad,” according to Tim Cook, Apple Inc. CEO, in the kick off event in San Francisco.

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