Apple Gives More than Half of the Nortel Patent Price

appleApple is contributing over half the quantity of US$4.5 billion price tag for Nortel copyrights, with partners including Microsoft and Sony joined kicking in the rest.

Apple stated in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it will give around $2.6 billion toward the price of the Nortel patent acquisition.  Nortel has been selling off portion of its business after filing for bankruptcy protection in 2009.  It currently auctioned off its portfolio of around 6,000 copyrights.  A consortium that consists of Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Research In Motion, EMC and Ericsson had the winning $4.5 billion bid.  As Apple noted in its SEC filing, the offer is still subject to regulatory approval.

The copyrights are particularly valuable to companies that make mobile products that have turned into controversial in current years as rivalry in the growing smartphone market heats up.  The winning bid for the copyrights dwarfed an earlier $900 million offer from Google, which is under attack by some companies since the victory of its Android OS.

Although Apple by now had a good patent position than Google, it might have been interested in a major ownership position in the Nortel patents in hopes of shoring up its defenses.  Apple is involved in legal battles with a quantity of Android phone manufacturers counting in Samsung, Motorola and HTC.