Apple-HTC on patent settlement

The patent settlement between Apple and HTC, a Tawainese smartphone maker, has marked another milestone in the global war among the makers of tablets and smartphones.

But this remains to be not the turning point of this tech war.

According to observers of the settlement, Apple has just simply closed a front against one of the considered weakest rivals of the company, HTC. As a result, it has permitted Apple to focus more on battling against its more intimidating competitors that post threats to its market shares for tablet and smartphone. The company is paying more attention to two other giants, Google and Samsung.

A law professor at Rutgers Michael Carrier commented that the deal is only reflecting the relative strengths of the two companies involved and active in the market: Apple as the company holding a strong position, while HTC in a weak and deteriorating state.

The professor is thinking that Apple has gotten a strong license and can be now more focused on Google and Samsung. However, he believes that the peace between Apple, Google and Samsung is not coming near yet.

On Saturday, the settlement for the Apple and HTC deal was announced which included a ten-year licensing agreement. Also, it included the dismissal of all suits between the two companies. However, both parties are backing off and keeping more in-depth details about the settlement.

According to the observers, Apple may have gotten more advantage than HTC had in this settlement.