Apple Inc. Recreated Gorilla Glass

Gorilla GlassIt really is popular that many full touch-screen cell phones available today come with a scratch proof display covering known as the ‘Gorilla Glass.’ Manufactured by a New York based firm Corning Glass, the Gorilla Glass lets smartphone producers to feature a big bit of display on the front of the unit without worrying about probability of too much breakdowns or scratches. Even though this might appear to be a simple fix today, way back in 2006-2007 when Apple was preparing for the original iPhone kick off, this was not that easy.

Steve Jobs biography unveils his relationships with Corning Glass while developing a display for the iPhone which is “strong and resistant to scratches.” As the logical spot to search for any element is Asia, John Seeley Brown a pal of Steve Jobs, introduced him to Corning CEO Wendell Weeks. This particular moment marked the start of exactly what continued to alter Corning’s fortunes and provide producers a hardcore glass not only for smartphones, but pc tablets, laptops and Television sets.

From the 1960’s Corning created a chemical exchange process, that lead to the hard glass called ‘Gorilla Glass,’ however Corning did not find a market for the identical and had stop rendering it altogether. Jobs leaped on the chance and agreed to purchase all of the Gorilla Glass which Corning could provide within the next 6 months, but since not one of the plants that Corning managed were producing this glass, the production was in question. Jobs encouraged Weeks to move resources for the Gorilla Glass and finally they were able to meet the need in under 6 months.

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  1. November 11, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    John Brown did not introduce Steve Jobs to Wendell Weeks; I did. Further, the introduction did not involve Gorilla Glass. Their first meeting was in early 2006 and resulted in Corning establishing an R&D lab in silicon valley.


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