Apple Inc. Requests Banning of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

samsung galaxy tab 10.1 vs ipadSydney, Australia – Samsung’s latest Galaxy Tablet 10.1 is allegedly infringing at least three patents of Apple Inc. and must be banned in Australia because it would steal the iPad sales, according to the Apple Inc. lawyer.

In the Apple Inc. patent, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringed the design of the iPad, according to Steven Burley, Apple’s lawyer, said at the scheduled 2 days of hearing in Sydney, Australia. “They ought to clear the way in advance rather than attempt to crash through.” He also added.

Apple is asking Annabelle Bennett, Federal Court Justice, to stop the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 Tablets in Australia. This battle of the two companies is a continuation of their argument which began last April in the U.S. after the California-based company sued Samsung accusing them that the Galaxy products are completely imitating the technological ideas and designs that the iPads and iPhones have. Samsung fought back with lawsuits filed in South Korea, Japan, and Germany.

According to a research from Gartner Inc., Apple’s iPad dominated about 73 percent of the tablet computer market sales in this year. Other products that run on Google’s Android operating system, which includes the Galaxy tablets, will have to take 17 percent of the market.

Samsung agrees on the ruling in August to delay the release of the Galaxy 10.1 tablets in Australia until Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett rules on Apple’s request of banning the sales of the products.

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