Apple Inc. to have a 100-people team for upcoming iWatch

On Tuesday, a person familiar with Apple Inc.’s plans, said that the Cupertino-base tech giant has a 100-team performing tests on the rumored wristwatch device that is said to function some of the tasks that a computer does, as well as what the iPad and iPhone do too.

The 100-person team of Apple Inc. is composed of product designers, managers, hardware and software engineers, and members of the marketing group. The team was formed last year and is said to have worked on previous projects such as the iPad and iPhone.

The wristwatch-like device of Apple Inc. still remains to be private. According to the sources who requested not to be named, the size of the team is suggesting that the company is already farther on the phase of experimentation.

Apple Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook faces a sort of burden from the company’s shareholders. The company has experienced a decrease in stock of over thirty percent since a September high in the midst of plummeting sales growth and tight rivalry from competitors like Samsuung Electronics Co. If Apple won’t produce another innovative gadget that charges a higher price, then the investors are driving the company to give back more cash.

Apple Inc. to have a 100-people team for upcoming iWatch

A former Apple employee and now a technology consultant, Bruce Tognazzini noted that the rumored iWatch will fill a wide hole in the ecosystem of Apple. He further added that with the other innovations done by the company, its value will be underestimated at launch, then grow to have an intense effect on people’s lives and providence to Apple.