Apple iOS browser restrictions affect Mozilla Firefox

According to Jay Sullivan, the Mozilla Vice President, Apple Inc. is not too friendly to third-party browsers such as Firefox. The browser will not be available to Apple products like iPhones and iPads until the company makes a decision in loosening the restrictions for iOS browsers.

A report was presented that the rules of Apple make it so difficult for Firefox to build-up its browser on the iOS platform of Apple. Sullivan noted that the current rules are forbidding browsers that are not using the WebKit version of Apple. Additionally, the requirements of Apple’s WebKit prevent the users from setting-up or using any non-iOS app as the default way of managing a browser. The Mobile Safari of the tech giant is the top mobile browser as reported by analysts and surveys, having sixty percent share of all usage of mobile browsing.

Apple iOS browser restrictions affect Mozilla FirefoxIt was in September 2012 when Mozilla pulled out its Home app from the App Store of Apple. Currently, Mozilla is not developing a Firefox version for iOS and in fact, doesn’t have any plans of doing so, Sullivan tells.

In addition to this, David Dehgahn of Dolphin Browser commented that the policy of Apple is an inhibiting competition, which is a very critical part in the company’s survival.

Mike Taylor of Opera Software also agreed by saying that giving consumers options on what browser to use is a very important move so to increase the mobile web forward. With the current system of Apple’s way of browsing, users mainly suffer.