Apple iPad Still Stands Out as US Immigrants’ Choice

Most people still favor of tablet of Apple above every further related gadget while we still wait for the Motorola Xoom to confirm itself against iPad.  According to current research conducted by the mobile VoIP Company REbtel, U.S. immigrants are not exempted to the rule.

Rebtel gathered 1,340 responses from immigrants living in the United States, which symbolize a customer section of about 38 million customers. Consequences recommend 13% of these people presently have a tablet gadget, the number that translates in about five million Americans.

The following are the results of the survey of Rebtel:

iPad is the chosen tablet gadget, with two-thirds of tablet owners selecting the gadget. French Americans allege the uppermost percentage of tablet owners (17%), followed by Mexican-Americans (15%), Nigerian-Americans and Ghana-Americans at 14%. Ethiopian-Americans and Cuban-American follow at 8 and 7 percent, respectively.

Apple iPad Still Stands Out

Ghanese (62%) and Indian Americans (58%) topped the record between immigrant populations looking to purchase a tablet gadget, while Ethiopian (31%) and French Americans (34%) ranked last.

Apple is as well a chosen brand between respondents, particularly along with Cuban-Americans, Indian-Americans and Nigerian-Americans, which account for the maximum affinity marked by 83%, 80%, and 75% respectively.

A whopping 87% of Kenyans claimed they would most probable acquire an iPad, with French immigrants coming in second at 81%.

The Kindle was a well-liked second option as a tablet gadget (though it’s not a tablet – my two cents), with 9% of the in general population saying they are most probable to purchase it, with Ethiopian immigrants leading the way at 24%.

The research was performed in Novemer 2010 with a sample team of respondents consisted of Rebtel users separated into 11 different ethnic groups: Cuba, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, India, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines and UK.