Apple Wants to Get Rid of Jailbroken Devices

Even though it was newly judged to be a lawful procedure, Apple still does not wish for anybody to jailbreak their “i” strategy, and has applied for a copyright that would provide them the accuracy to “kill” jailbroken strategies, and “kill” stolen iPods and phones.

The copyright is titled “Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device”, and it covers a quantity of safety events to “defend” strategy from “illegal users.”

Those illegal users are jail breakers and individuals that have stolen strategy from other legit proprietors.


Last February 2009, the copyright was filed and was now published this week. The application will facilitate Apple in recognizing “exact activities that may point out doubtful performance,” so that Apple can limit those devices. Doubtful activities comprise “hacking, jailbreaking, releasing, or elimination of a SIM card.”

In some personification, an illegal user can be noticed by balancing the characteristics of the present user to the individuality of official users of the electronic device. For instance, pictures of the present user can be taken, a footage of the present user’s voice can be documented, the heartbeat of the present user can be documented, or some mixture of the above. The photograph, recording, or heartbeat can be matched up, correspondingly, to a photograph, recording, or heartbeat of authorized users of the electronic device to decide whether they match. If they do not, the present user can be noticed as an illegal user.

When illegal use has been noticed, “admission to meticulous applications can be limited, admission to susceptible information can be controlled, susceptible information can be remove from the electronic device…,” the application condition, efficiently cleaning and bricking the mechanism.