The Redesigned MacBook Air

What would comprise a huge revamp with new reports that abound concerning a latest MacBook Air, and an alteration extended past due?

The story appears to be that Apple needs to put in the latest among the portable in the present 13-inch MacBook Pro and the 9.7-inch iPad, therefore the rumors about an 11.6-inch device.

Thinking Apple really has somewhat similar to this in the mechanism, nobody can help wondering on the plan objectives for a latest Air. Should it be a hybrid tablet-laptop? Must it be just a lesser, extra authoritative, extra battery-efficient edition of the present Air and pack attributes similar to a killer display?

Briefly, except you utilize the Air day in and day out, it’s simple to wrong it for just one more costly ultra portable laptop. What creates it so dissimilar? Especially, the well-developed sharing of weight creates it sense lighter than it in fact is (three pounds). The keyboard, the razor-thin yet eye-catching display, and the snappy presentation, regardless of its ultra thin plan tell it all.

The existing Air is a rough action to go after. Perhaps one of the causes (the iPad and the updated 13-inch MacBook Pros being others) that Apple has taken so long  for two and a half years to present a next-generation Air or that it may not even bother.

Looking back to what a next-generation Air must be. Further than the revised processor (Intel ultralow power Core i7?), what would be a high-quality option for the graphics skill? The 13 inch Pro of Nvidia GeForce 320M?

What latest, astonishing show skill might Apple utilize?  Amazing comparable to the retina show in the iPhone 4?  Or something subsequent to the lines of the double-screen Toshiba Libretto?

And what about the wireless tech? 3G? 4G? And/or something akin to Intel’s Wireless Display technology?

Then there’s the design dark horse: a product based on the Apple A4 processor, or a variant thereof. But this would likely make it appear more like a tablet and less laptop–and as a result it would fall outside of the MacBook brand. So that’s a very remote possibility.