Apple OS X Lion Users Could Reboot to Safari

Apple OS X LionApple has a snuck a feature into its forthcoming OS X Lion release that permits to reboot their system into Safari, using of small page from Chrome OS of Google.

When you choose to restart your system into Safari, you are efficiently putting the Web browser into a sandbox.  When it boots, your system will provide some users with physical access to your machine the skill to surf the Web.  Users would not be capable to access the files of the system or applications.

Users that hit their systems in Safari-only mode will be capable to reinstate back to their complete desktop precisely as they left it and thanks to new auto-save of Lion and application reinstatement capabilities.  Because Safari mode runs off of a revival separation, you will still be able to access the Web and research latest methods for fixing your system must your primary partition undergo several disastrous upset.

The evaluation of Chrome OS stems from the reality that operating system of Google runs completely Web based:  The browser is the primary means for interrelating with the system. There is no fundamental desktop layer to talk about.

It is not clear if the users will be provided the alternative to boot into Safari, merely mode from the partial powering-on of their systems. Apple would create a button on the system or the keyboard, or a setting throughout the booting of a desktop or laptop that permits a user to go straightly into the browser and bypass OS X completely.

On the other hand, the capability to lock off one’s primary separation and still surf the Web comes as a boon for those nervous regarding their systems to unsecured wireless networks.  Also, for those who desire to limit access to their system, but would favor to  not have to go through the problem of creating a secondary or guest account in the OS itself.

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  1. June 14, 2011 at 9:28 am

    Yeah i agree with your ideas.Safari in Lion brings a host of new features that are currently unavailable in the Snow Leopard version.Thanks for nice post.

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