One Million Ping Users in Just 48 Hours, Apple Says

On September 1, Apple opened its spanking new music centric social network – Ping with greatly trumpet blast. In 48 of its start on, Ping blew trumpets of having 1 million consumers. Ping, a music founded social network, allows you go behind well-liked music artists with other consumers. It is liberally obtainable during the newly launched iTunes 10.

Through the open of Ping, Apple is believed to have obtained a tunnel on online social services similar to and MySpace. On the other hand, do note that Ping is not accessible to consumers of India, Croatia, Chile and some other countries. This is appealing like how Apple has not completed iTunes Store and App Store obtainable to definite countries. It is fairly dreadful for a liberated social network not complete obtainable in all countries crossways the globe.


Several of consumers protested regarding Ping’s inaccessibility at the Apple Support discussions on this thread. That’s wherever and MySpace go on to regulation. Apple’s Ping social network may have the most excellent of the features from accepted social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace but it insulates after in terms of accessibility.

Apple has been recognized for blowing trumpets concerning the landmark strike by its services. Ping has loads of worldwide artists on board and is completely including on that for magnetizing a bigger audience. On the other hand, there is no word concerning whether Ping would be still completed obtainable in countries where it is not noticeable yet.